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Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Announcement of “Golden Village”, the Highest Honor of Rural Villages in Taiwan

In the first “Golden Village Competition”, with the participation and severe competition of 707 rural village communities around Taiwan, 22 rural village communities were selected in finals. On April 26, Council of Agriculture (COA) announced the result and held awarding ceremony. New Taipei City Sanchi District Gongrong/Ankang Community, Hsinchu County Beipu Township Nanpu Community, and Taitung County Luye Township Yongan Community were awarded with gold medal. The competition constructed the models of rural villages in Taiwan and caught up with the world. The winners not only obtained prizes (NT$ 500,000 for gold medal), but also acquired the opportunity to visit, exchange with and learn from rural villages in Germany.

President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in and encouraged rural village communities and awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to the communities. In the speech, President Tsai stated that the first Golden Village Competition showed new images of rural villages and the selected 22 rural village communities were the models of rural village development in Taiwan.

Minister Lin of COA also expected the gold medal winners to be leaders of rural village communities to influence the surrounding villages and the country. 22 communities are the models of agriculture. The most critical purposes of new agriculture are renewal of rural villages, farmers’ well-being, safe production of agriculture and wealth of rural villages. Life in rural villages is new mode and it is ideal life style for future young people. Thus, being awarded is the beginning of challenge.

According to description of SWCB, this competition emphasized “prospect” of rural villages. Through visit and exchange of awarded rural villages in Taiwan with Germany, it aims to expand new vision and ideas of rural villages and lead to infinite possibilities and hope for rural villages in Taiwan.

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