Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Reunion of Disaster Prevention Volunteers

Making Efforts to Protect Homeland

On May 3, the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB) held “awarding and flag awarding ceremonies of debris flow disaster prevention volunteers” at Lih Pao Land with 2018 disaster prevention and rescue drills in Taichung City and invited President Tsai Ing-wen to award flag of autonomic disaster prevention task to debris flow disaster prevention volunteers and encourage disaster prevention volunteers to make efforts together and persist in belief of disaster prevention to protect their precious homeland.

Director Tsong-hsian Lin of Council of Agriculture stated that SWCB has been training debris flow disaster prevention volunteers for years. Besides engineering measures, it is expected to develop the strategies and methods to protect people’s live and security. Debris flow disaster prevention volunteers are effective disaster prevention system. For decades, they are gradually recognized and supported by the public. In order to praise disaster prevention volunteers’ selfless devotion to homeland, President Tsai was invited to award 40 disaster prevention volunteers who have served for at least 10 years. It announced that SWCB, through autonomic disaster prevention 2.0 plan, guides local people to approach the goal of autonomic disaster prevention community. Council of Agriculture emphasized that rests do not exist in disaster prevention! Only continuous implementation and renewal can protect people’s lives and security. In basic training of debris flow disaster prevention volunteers of this year, panorama images of disaster sites are presented by VR technology for the first time. By VR glasses, disaster prevention volunteers can experience the situations and thoroughly recognize the aspects of disasters. Furthermore, by cooperating with related people and institutions in Japan, it introduces intersection activities and discussion skills of four sides conferences. Disaster prevention volunteers apply the related techniques in the discussion of dilemma and introduce situations of disaster in the community. Besides, with promotion of autonomic disaster prevention 2.0 plan of SWCB, it carries out the concept of autonomic disaster prevention community.

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