Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Value Added Promotion of Satoumi Ecotourism on Penghu County Expressway 202

Topics of the activity are life of Satoumi and environmental education, including Penghu County Gold Award-winning Village: environmental education of Satoumi School, farming and fishery of shallow tide of Satoumi, cruises of Jishan Islet and Dinggou Islet, set net fish market of Suo Guang, making of fish scale, tidal flat exploration, housebreaking and stacking. By learning of local farmers’ and fishers’ daily life experience, it shows the spirit to respect nature of organic agriculture, low-carbon travel and local food in agricultural and fishing community of Kuibiao. It expects that participants can thus recognize the supportive relationship between human beings and ocean and respect nature and food. Upon learning, experience non-toxic and environmental protection as appeals, it successively leads to local industry development of Penghu County Expressway 202 community.

Key planning of Penghu County Expressway 202 is based on sustainable development of Satoumi as the vision. Qingluo, Hongluo, Baikeng, Husi, Hudong, Beiliao, Nanliao, and Guoye fishing villages of Husi Township are the main areas of demonstration. It plans to construct recycling new life system to coexist with oceanic ecology by promoting traditional industry, culture and craft of local natural fishing method, environment-friendly cultivation, fishermen’s private home cuisine, low-carbon fishery production and marketing, promotion of sustainable fishing method, coral stone and windbreak agricultural experience through planning of oceanic table, coral stone art and food and farming education.

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