Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Director-General Lee Visited Shi Shen Cun Cooperatives

Director-General Chen-yang Lee of the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB), on the afternoon of April 19, visited benchmark agricultural enterprise of Nantou County. First, President Chia-chan Liao of the New Homeland Foundation of Nantou County Taomi Community explained the visit of Paper Dome Ranch. Thus, Director-General recognized ecological farming of local friendly cultivation and coexistence with nature. New Homeland created non-polluted recycling system by organic compost of black soldier flies and the friendly eggs produced were perfect products of nutrition. Secondly, on Hung Gee Bee Farm, President Chao-hsian Lai guided the visit and explained the environment and manufacturing process. President Lai introduced ecology of bees in his real lives to Director-General Lee. Hung Gee Bee Farm was one of the projects with Shi Shen Cun Cooperatives this year; thirdly, Director-General visited the implementation of Shi Shen Cun Cooperatives. Shi Shen Cun has been the key point of implementation of SWCB. General Manager Tai-ru Chen introduced promotion result to Director-General Lee and by briefing, Director-General Lee obtained the origin of foundation of Shi Shen Cun Cooperatives and current cultivation square measure as 10% in Yuchi Township. In tea making factory, he examined the subsidy result of SWCB. Shi Shen Cun Cooperatives connected all tea making processes, mechanized the production and increased the output of black tea. General Manager Chen emphasized that the tea making factory was certified by HACCP & ISO20000 and thus, Shi Shen Cun Cooperatives can produce products matching specifications required by the channels.

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