Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Soil and Water Conservation Month, Kick-Off Press Conference

As the issue of climate changing spreads around the world in the past years, as well as earthquake happens frequently, mudslide disaster issues become the most familiar topic of life. Because of these, we need to care about our soil and water resources by taking care of soil and water conservation. We hope to carry out soil and water conservation movement by mobilizing the people of the whole country. SWCB sets May as Soil and Water Conservation Month, corresponding with the essential holiday, Mother’s Day, which metaphorically indicates that the earth, like a mother, nurtures the universe. Therefore May is a meaningful month of conserving the earth. SWCB arranges soil and water conservation displays and various activities combining with mobile library trucks, and holds over 150 shows all around Taiwan as knowledge feast of soil and water conservation. To make people and media understand more related information of the activity series, SWCB hold kick-off press conference of Soil and Water Conservation Month on 23rd April, 2017. SWCB invited Deputy Minister of COA(Council of Agriculture) – Weng Zhang-liang, Director general of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau – Lee Chen-yang, the presenters and VIPs of Taichung City Hall, MiaoLi County Hall, NanTou County Hall, ChangHua County Hall, Ministry of Education, National Museum of Science and Technology, National Library of Public Information, and Library Trunks to witness the results of disaster prevention by the whole population. In addition to the kick-off press conference, SWCB also arranges three action plays regarding the issue of soil and water conservation, 31 education soil and water conservation booths, 4 mobile library trunks and 1 propaganda car for displaying debris flow prevention. SWCB would like to create an intellectual trip with regard to the knowledge of soil and water conservation by applying fun and joyful experienced activities.

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