Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

2019 Landslide Dam and Sediment Related Disaster Prevention Technology Seminar


Location:Tainan City Government Fire Bureau

SWCB cooperated with the water resources agency and the tainan city government fire bureau to jointly organize the 2019 Landslide Dam and Sediment Related Disaster Response Drills, invited Director Shinji Yamaguchi and Director Yoshiki Wakashi from the Department of Sediment Related Disasters of National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (Japan), Professor Atsushi Koyama from National graduate institute for policy studies (Japan), and Professor Kana Nakatani from Kyoto university, to observe the drills. The guests shared experience in the disposal of landslide dams, including effectively integrating government resources and improving disposal efficiency of the disasters in the landslide dams.

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