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921 Earthquake National Memorial Site in Jioufenershan Has Established Partner Relationship with MT. Kurikoma Area Geopark, Kurihara City, Japan.

921 Earthquake caused a massive collapse of Jioufenershan 20 years ago, and Jioufenershan has been designated a national earthquake memorial site. The 2008 earthquake in Iwate and Miyagi, Japan caused a serious collapse and landslide in Mt. Kurikoma area, and Mt. Kurikoma applied to become a national geological park with reference to one of the overseas cases---Taiwan's National Memorial Site in Jioufenershan. These two parks were formed due to the earthquakes, and now they are closely combined with the surrounding rural development after reconstruction. The characteristics of these two parks are very similar. It it is significant meaning that to establish partner relationship to exchange and learn from each other this time.  

At Promotion Agreement Meeting of Mt. Kurikoma Area Geopark, the delegation visited 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan and signed a memorandum of cooperation between these sister parks in Nantou Branch. They also visited Sun Moon Lake tourist resources and circular tourist belt centered on National Memorial Site in Jioufenershan. On the day, the staff from the 921 Site took part in 12 major festivals of the Guoxing Township Hakka-"Striving for Success", and went to the National Memorial Site in Jioufenershan for a field visit. In addition to observing the special landscape formed by the earthquake, both parties also exchanged experiences in the development of local rural communities. Various scholars and experts from Japan shared their experiences in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction models, and learned the experience from each other, hoping that the two parks would have closer exchange and more opportunities for learning in the future.

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