Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Expediting Watershed Conservation Management

Management of Flood-prone Areas

To expedite implementation of countermeasures for slopeland and flooding areas and to reduce damage to life and proper tydue to flooding, as well as to improve the living quality of local r esidents and to maintain high water quality in the environment, the Executive Yuan has drawn up the Act of Flood anagement and the Plan of Flood Management for FloodproneAreas. These acts have been approved by the Legislative Yuan. The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau was designated as the responsible agency for soil and water conservation on the upper slopelands and for flood-control slopeland.

Expediting Watershed Conservation Management Picture


Reservoir Watershed Conservation

As for reser voir watershed, the star ting point for conser vation measur es is to r espect natur e whi le acti vely promoting conse r v a t ion and ensur ing the pr oper f unct ion o f the reser voir. Management will take precedence over intervention.

The functions of water, soil and vegetation are combined to formulate a comprehensive operational strategy. In the spirit of the Special Act for the Management of Shihmen Reser voir and the Watershed, the Special Act for the Management of the Tsengwen, Nanhua and Wushantou Reser voirs and Stabilization of Water Supply for Southern Taiwan, and the Policy Outlines for Water Supply in a New Era, the Bureau has for mulated the principles for conser vation in reser voir watershed, and outlined the priorities of conser vation work, review procedures and other measures.

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