Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Disaster Preparedness & Awareness Promotion

31In 2005, the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau set up the Debris-flow Disaster Prevention System, which combined debris-flow evacuation plans, inventory of target areas, and preparation of materials to supply refugee camps in the aftermath of disasters. Every year in the period before the flood control season, local government is required to inspect preparations and to make immediate updates of online data. Disaster prevention, evacuation drills and information campaigns must be conducted in the community as a way of raising awareness of disaster prevention. In addition, the aim is to improve the preparedness works of local disaster response measures. The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau provides training for debris-flow volunteer specialists within local communities, who can take rainfall measurements, assist in evacuation procedures and file disaster reports. The Bureau also actively encourages the formation of preparedness works for disaster response within communities, a measure that has proved enormously effective. The Bureau has also set up a debris-flow disaster prevention Web site ( on which information about potential debris-flow torrents, evacuation routes and danger levels will be posted. This information can be browsed or downloaded to enable rapid dissemination in at-risk regions.